About Al Yaseri

A specialized company seeks to capture a leading position in artistic production and media fields of radio, theatre and television,

Leading Solution Provider for
art production

As the company and its artistic studios provide television and film production services, in addition to making artistic

advertisements for institutions and figures. The company has audio production studios for musical works. The company provides also social media marketing services thanks to its great impact in advertising and artistic marketing process.

Al Yaseri provides television and production equipment fitting-out services under end-to-end process, establishes and equips radio and television studios, and organizes artistic events and festivals with media coverage. The company is constantly striving to offer the highest level in terms of quality of its works.

As for artistic units specialized in footage, montage, graphics and coloring for filmed works, the company is equipped with the latest technologies, devices and post-production services. The company has a department specialized in translating and dubbing various artistic materials, and introducing thereof into the market as a high-quality product.

We specialize in the production of documentaries, promos, TV program credits, and all 3D and 2D graphics using the latest specialized software and executed by a professional team having the capabilities required to execute any work assigned to it in a way exceeding the perceptions and with the utmost accuracy, high quality assurance and completion at the agreed upon time.

The company has integrated professional team considered as one of the most experienced teams in the field of artistic production in the Arab world.

The company adopts the most important ideas to convert such ideas into scripts written by the most prominent dramatists in the Arab world, and gathers Arab creations across the nation and develops and highlights such creations for every new work within an Arab artistic form that addresses all groups of Arab society.

As a leading production and post-production company, we take great pride in what we present to our customers of exceptional leading services and satisfactory outcomes thanks to what provided by our skilled and professional cadres, who won several major Arab awards in their specialties, in addition to their works etched in the Arab memory and still resonate in minds.

Our Vision

After a prominent journey full of independent art and production works, the company has altered the perspective of professionals, audiences, and beneficiaries of art production in addition to the accumulated expertise of company’s founders and workers, and their works in the Arab production markets, whereas its first studios company established in the UAE.