Our Services

Event Management

Conference Event Services from Al Yaseri are designed to provide comprehensive support for all aspects of your conference from initial planning stage to the day of the event. Our Experienced team can help you handle all the details of your event, from identify the perfect venue, create a comprehensive marketing plan to attract attendees and coordinate the logistics.

  • Decorations for exhibitions, theaters, and events.
  • Audio and lighting equipment services.
  • Simultaneous translation services.
  • Shooting and TV broadcasting.
  • Reception of participants and attendees.
  • Dining, lunch hall, and VIP dinner (for conferences).
  • Guests and VIP services.
  • Media Center services.
  • Invitation to attendees and participants services.
  • Media coverage and public relations services.
  • Press conference services.
  • Publications and souvenir services.
  • Identity printed materials.
  • Signs, brochures, flags, road banners and signage.
  • Website and social media platforms.
  • Honor Shields.
  • Sponsors.
  • Promotional campaigns.
  • Radio and TV promo production.
  • Producing documentaries (for conferences, inauguration and launching ceremonies).
  • Managing and programming the event’s website.
  • Allocating an event hall.
  • Organizing opening ceremony.
  • Touristic tours and guests services.
  • Staff and secretariat of the event.
  • Providing media professionals and event coordinators.
  • Organizing event’s exhibition.
  • Media documentation and archiving.
  • Printing the main booklet of the event.
  • Printing the documentary booklet of the event.
  • Post-event services.