Our Services

Production Services

  • Production of all types of TV shows in a good quality.
  • Photography and video shooting of events.
  • Virtual reality and VR 360 videos shooting.
  • Aerial Photography.
  • 2D, 3D and 4D animation.
  • Production and making of long and short films (cinematic, feature, documentary, and recording).
  • Production of TV and radio series.
  • Production of TV shows and radio programs.
  • Making animations using high-quality technologies.
  • Professional Photography.
  • Panoramic Photography.
  • Artificial Photography.
  • Commercial Photography.
  • Aerial Photography.
  • 360-degree Photography.
  • Journalistic Photography Services.
  • Photoshoots for artists and other figures.
  • Designing, printing and marketing of advertisements.
  • Covering various news events.
  • Managing exhibitions, festivals, and ceremonies.
  • Cost control and production management.
  • Designing websites and smart phone applications.
  • Research and budgeting.
  • Production and making of visual and audio advertising content.
  • Preparing, designing, printing and publishing all publications.
  • Producing songs, national anthems, melodies, and music arrangement.
  • Providing artistic services and commercial and electoral advertising consultations.
  • Managing and documenting intellectual and literary property rights at the competent authorities.
  • Selling and equipping radio, TV and theater equipment.
  • Selling and equipping the lighting equipment for theaters and TV studios in cooperation with specialized international companies.